Setting your budget

Tools and tips for building a budget to support a resettled family
As part of your resettlement plan you will need to design a budget. This is because you need to have an idea of the costs involved in supporting a res

Available sources of funding - key things to do

Find out about the funding available to support refugee families
As you plan your budget you will be looking into how your group will fund the delivery of your resettlement plan. Alongside your fundraising activitie

Questions 3.2a to 3.2e - Initial Expenses

Find out how to answer questions about setting up the family's finances
3.2 Initial expenses The family you support will likely arrive in the UK with minimal knowledge of the UK’s currency, benefits, or banking systems.

Driving in the UK

Understand how you can support a refugee to drive in the UK
Community Sponsorship Groups have shared with us that many of the newly arrived refugees they are welcoming are keen to have access to their own trans

Managing financial disappointment

A guide for your Group to help refugees manage expectations about their new financial circumstances.
For most refugees, integration and financial security are interlinked, especially when they are resettled to a relatively wealthy country like the UK.

Making loans to the family you support

An empowerment approach to loaning money
Many Community Sponsorship Groups have established a process by which they will make an interest-free loan of funds to the family they are supporting.

Developing an empowerment approach to managing utility bills

Suggestions on how to support the refugee family to manage their utility bills independently
Part of your role as Community Sponsor will be supporting the refugee family to manage and budget for their utility bills independently. Navigating an