Some of the challenges associated with resettlement, and guidance about how to approach them

Covid-19 and Safeguarding

Covid-19 has changed so much, make sure you revisit your safeguarding responsibilities
During the Covid-19 pandemic, your support to a refugee family has changed.  It’s highly likely that all of your support has moved to being onlin

Experts by Experience: Refugee expectations prior to arriving in the UK

Learn from experts by experience about what their resettlement experiences and what they expected of resettled life in the UK
One question that we’re often asked in Reset’s Community Sponsorship training sessions is, “What do refugees think their life in the UK will be like b

NSPCC's Positive Parenting Guide

Access the NSPCC's Positive Parenting guide in English and Arabic
Parenting or guardianship can be difficult at the best of times. After arriving in a new country through resettlement, parents or guardians may b

Experts by Experience: Mohammed's 5 Tips for Learning English Quickly

Learn from Mohammed (in English and Arabic), who was resettled to the UK in 2019, about how he became fluent in English in one year
This resource is available to download in Arabic from the bottom right hand side of this page.  Mohammed’s Experience Mohammed attended sch

Covid and Driving Tests/Licenses

Understand the impact of Covid on booking driving tests
If a family member you are supporting arrives in the UK with an international driving licence or permit from another country, they are able to drive o

Supporting individuals to stop smoking

Find advice and guidelines for supporting family members who wish to stop smoking
When you receive a referral of a family from the Home Office, the Resettlement Registration Form you receive may indicate that a member or members of

Covid-19 and Benefits

Understand changes to the Benefits system during the Coronavirus pandemic
The impact of Covid-19 has been, and will continue to bring changes in the Benefits system in the UK, and it will be harder than usual to get through

Safeguarding Briefing

A guide to your safeguarding responsibilities as a group, and advice on how to implement your safeguarding plan.
Key issues Safeguarding is protecting vulnerable adults or children from abuse or neglect. As part of your application, the Home Office will exp

Covid-19: Supporting refugees

Use our links and resources to support and welcome refugees into Covid-restrictions in the UK
Community Sponsorship Groups have been welcoming families to the UK during Covid restrictions. For all current arrivals, family members are having to

Dealing with challenging situations

Guidance on some of the common challenges that can arise when working with resettled refugees, and how to approach them
We've provided advice based on the common challenges that sponsor groups have faced and examples of how they have overcome them, see the doc