Some of the challenges associated with resettlement, and guidance about how to approach them

NSPCC's Positive Parenting guide

Access the NSPCC's Positive Parenting guide in English and Arabic
Parenting or guardianship can be difficult at the best of times. After arriving in a new country through resettlement, parents or guardians may b

Experts by Experience: Mohammed's 5 tips for learning English quickly

Learn from Mohammed (in English and Arabic), who was resettled to the UK in 2019, about how he became fluent in English in one year
Mohammed’s Experience Mohammed attended school in Syria until year 11 when he and his family members were displaced to Egypt due to the war. In sch

Supporting individuals to stop smoking

Find advice and guidelines for supporting family members who wish to stop smoking
When you receive a referral of a family from the Home Office, the Resettlement Registration Form you receive may indicate that a member or members of

Covid-19 and arrival planning

Learn how to navigate current Covid rules for families arriving to the UK
Welcoming a family who will be self-isolating on arrival is going to represent challenges, and all Community Sponsorship Groups should be prepared for

Creating informal English learning opportunities

Resources and tips to help with language learning outside of the classroom.
As refugee families are learning formal ESOL in the classroom, you can play a vital role by encouraging them to make use of all the great ways they ca

Experts by Experience: property investment

Essential information for Groups when considering property investment
When it comes to finding a property for a refugee family, it can feel like an insurmountable obstacle to overcome given the lack of affordable housing

Experts by Experience: Khadeja’s resettlement experience

Learn from Experts by Experience about their resettlement experiences and what they expected of resettled life in the UK
One question that we’re often asked in Reset’s Community Sponsorship training sessions is: “What do refugees think their life in the UK will be lik

Addressing housing complaints

A guide to help your Group manage refugees' expectations and communicate your role regarding accommodation
As a Community Sponsorship Group, you will have gone to great lengths to source suitable housing for a refugee family. You will have invited your Loca

Hate crime briefing

A briefing to explain what hate crime is, how it can be identified, and how to respond
Sadly, hate crime against refugees is a very real problem. Although it is not by any means a common occurrence, it is something that is encountered al

Supporting non-Arabic speaking refugees

Learn how to approach working with refugees who don't speak Arabic
The start of UK Resettlement Scheme (UKRS) and Afghan Citizens Resettlement Scheme (ACRS) means that we will see refugees resettled from a broade