Group leaders

Resources designed for those leading groups to facilitate discussion

Introduction to cultural awareness

Advice on how to learn about the culture of the family you support
Understanding the culture of the refugees your Community Sponsorship Group are supporting is very important in the process of building rapport with th

Birth Registration Guidance

Advice on registering a child’s birth with the Home Office
If the family you support has welcomed a new baby since resettling in the UK, as a Community Sponsorship Group, you’ll need to help the family registe


All Community Sponsorship Groups need to raise a minimum of £9,000 to support a family.  Find some ideas here. 
As part of your approval to be a community sponsor, you will need to raise £4,500 per adult in the resettled family, and it is recommended that you ra

The Group's role in the accommodation of a refugee family

Think through which responsibilities and roles your Group will take on with the family's accommodation
This page aims to help your Community Sponsorship Group think through some key issues relating to housing for when you will welcome a refugee family t

What is Community Sponsorship?

Understand what Community Sponsorship is and what is required of your group
Community Sponsorship is a way in which groups and communities can come together to support the resettlement of refugees in their communities.  H

Approaching your application

Helping you think about how to begin the application writing process
To be approved for Community Sponsorship, you must first submit an application to the Home Office. There are many ways to approach this task and your

Supporting refugees to access healthcare

A guide to help refugees access different healthcare services in the UK
Empowering newly arrived refugees to access healthcare in the UK is an essential part of the initial support you provide as a Community Sponsorsh

Reaching out to other organisations

Discover different ways to connect with other organisations in your area
As part of your Community Sponsorship application, you will be doing lots of research into the services and organisations in your area that may be abl

Covid-19: Supporting refugees

Use our links and resources to support and welcome refugees into Covid-restrictions in the UK
Community Sponsorship Groups have been welcoming families to the UK during Covid restrictions. For all current arrivals, family members are having to

Application Checklist

Tick off your tasks with Reset's application checklist
Reset’s Application Checklist is designed to help your Group visualise the road ahead in the Community Sponsorship journey. We hope that it can assist