Finding accommodation

Ideas and tips to help in your search for accommodation
We know that a significant part of your work in the application process to become a Community Sponsorship Group will focus on housing.  As part o
A note on housing costs We know that finding housing that is within Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rates, which is what the refugees' benefits will

Dealing with challenging situations

Guidance on some of the common challenges that can arise when working with resettled refugees, and how to approach them
We've provided advice based on the common challenges that sponsor groups have faced and examples of how they have overcome them, see the doc

Providing a Tenancy Agreement

Access an Arabic translation of a Shorthold Tenancy Agreement
Tenancy Agreements When you are searching for suitable accommodation for the family you will welcome through Community Sponsorship, you should thin

Carrying out Police Board Consultation

Guidance on working with your local police force
As part of your application to the Home Office and to ensure that the accommodation you provide will be suitable for refugees to live in you will need

Supporting refugees affected by the benefit cap

What is the benefit cap and how to manage it
*During the Covid-19 outbreak, benefits appointments and processes will change.  Keep up to date with developments with your local Job Centre*

Preparing Accommodation

Find out what other groups have found helpful when preparing property for a resettled family
You will need to obtain accommodation that is of a good and adequate standard and available at a sustainable cost for the family. The Home Office will
Welcoming families who will self-isolate on arrival  For families welcomed to the UK in 2021, they must self-isolate for a 10 day period on ar

Food, furniture and household items

Recommendations for how to prepare a property for a refugee family
Community Sponsorship Groups will need to provide equipment, groceries and items in the property ahead of a refugee family's arrival. Like with anyone