Introduction to cultural awareness

Advice on how to learn about the culture of the family you support
Understanding the culture of the refugees your Community Sponsorship Group are supporting is very important in the process of building rapport with th

Exit Planning

Use this resource to help your Group plan out how your relationship and support to a refugee family will change over time
It might seem strange to talk about 'exiting' the relationship with the family your Community Sponsorship Group support.  Whilst it's unlikely yo

The Refugee Resettlement Process

Find out more about the process refugees go through before arriving in the UK
When the family you support arrive in the UK, they will be beginning a new chapter in their lives. But to get to this point, the family will have

Question 3.5s - Access to neighbourhood and community activities

Find out what you need to know to answer question 3.5s of the application form
What neighbourhood and community groups and activities are you aware of that the resettled family can be linked to? (3.5s) The family you support w