Getting Local Authority Consent

Tips on how to identify who to speak to at your Local Authority and how to work with them
Community Sponsorship is a partnership involving your Group, the Home Office and your Local Authority (or Local Authorities if you are in a two-tier a

Safeguarding Briefing

A guide to your safeguarding responsibilities as a group, and advice on how to implement your safeguarding plan.
Key issues Safeguarding is about protecting others as well as yourself from harm.  As part of your application, the Home Office will expect

Reaching out to other organisations

Discover different ways to connect with other organisations in your area
As part of your Community Sponsorship application, you will be doing lots of research into the services and organisations in your area that may be abl

Working with your SMP

Find help and advice in your region to support your Community Sponsorship journey
Each of the nine English Regions and Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has a Strategic Migration Partnership (SMP) which is equipped to provide the

Carrying out Police Board Consultation

Guidance on working with your local police force
As part of your application to the Home Office and to ensure that the accommodation you provide will be suitable for refugees to live in you will need

Sections 1, 2, 4 and additional documents

Learn more about the sections for your Lead Sponsor to complete
These are sections for the Lead Sponsor to complete; they may not always complete the rest of the form.  Section 1 is the details for the

The Community Sponsorship Process

Understanding the Community Sponsorship process and your obligations
Before you submit your application When submitting a Community Sponsorship Application to the Home Office, you can apply for full approval or&