Finding a home

The Group's role in the accommodation of a refugee family

Think through how which responsibilities and roles your Group will take on with the family's accommodation
This page aims to help your Community Sponsorship Group think through some key issues relating to housing for when you will welcome a refugee family t

Finding accommodation

Ideas and tips to help in your search for accommodation
We know that a significant part of your work in the application process to become a Community Sponsorship Group will focus on housing.  As part o

Providing a Tenancy Agreement

Access an Arabic translation of a Shorthold Tenancy Agreement
Tenancy Agreements When you are searching for suitable accommodation for the family you will welcome through Community Sponsorship, you should thin

Working with Landlords

A discussion of the role of the landlord for your Group and the family you support
Community Sponsorship Groups across the UK have developed hugely creative ways to find affordable, sustainable accommodation for families arriving thr