Getting consent

Getting Local Authority Consent

Tips on how to identify who to speak to at your Local Authority and how to work with them
**June 2020 Update: we've worked with the Home Office to develop a template Local Authority consent form for your Local Authority to fill out. Yo

Working with your SMP

Find help and advice in your region to support your Community Sponsorship journey
Each of the nine English Regions and Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has a Strategic Migration Partnership (SMP) which is  equipped to provi

Carrying out Police Board Consultation

Guidance on working with your local police force
As part of your application to the Home Office and to ensure that the accommodation you provide will be suitable for refugees to live in you will need

Producing a safeguarding policy

What to think about when creating your safeguarding policy
Your Safeguarding Policy and Procedures **November 2020 - Safeguarding Policy Template from Home Office added** Alongside your application, you

Preparing a complaints handling policy and procedure

In order to gain approval as a Community Sponsorship Group, you will need to create a policy to handle complaints from the refugees you support
As part of your application to become a Community Sponsorship Group, you will need to have a clear complaints policy that outlines how you will handle