Promoting your work

Considering your use of media and promotion

What to think about when promoting your work
Throughout your Community Sponsorship journey, you may find it helpful to make use of different types of media.  Your needs may change through th

Naming your Group

Advice and considerations for naming your Community Sponsorship Group
If you’re sharing details on social or traditional media about your Community Sponsorship Group, a name and a logo can help to create a consistent mes

Sharing your message

What to think about in creating and managing your media messages
Making ‘asks’ of the press If you have a public presence and you want to utilise the local or national press to spread the word about your work, ma

Speaking to the media

Tips on working with and talking to the media
Speaking to the media Some members of your Group might have experience in communications and media, but others might never have worked done anythin

Dealing with negative responses to your work

Unfortunately, there will always be those who challenge what you are doing, be prepared for this!
Dealing with negative responses to your work If you’re promoting your work publicly, you may find that you receive negative comments or challenging

Case Study: Refugee ReSETTLEment Group

Read about how one Community Sponsorship Group managed their media activity
The Refugee ReSETTLEment Group in Yorkshire used social media to promote their work whilst they were raising awareness and funds to support their Comm