Understanding Community Sponsorship

Lead Sponsor Obligations and Requirements

Learn about your obligations and requirements as a Lead Sponsor
As a Lead Sponsor, you will have requirements and obligations between your organisation and the Home Office, which will be outlined in your sponsor ag

What is Community Sponsorship?

Understand what Community Sponsorship is and what is required of your group
Community Sponsorship is a way in which groups and communities can come together to support the resettlement of refugees in their communities.  H

The Community Sponsorship Process

Understanding the Community Sponsorship process and your obligations
Before you submit your application When submitting a Community Sponsorship Application to the Home Office, you can apply for full approval or&

The Refugee Resettlement Process

Find out more about the process refugees go through before arriving in the UK
When the family you support arrive in the UK, they will be beginning a new chapter in their lives. But to get to this point, the family will have