Adapting your support

Introduction to adapting your support

For Groups with families arriving in early 2021, adapting your support has never been more important
When you wrote your resettlement plan, thinking through how you would provide support to a newly resettled family, it’s highly unlikely you imagined a

Learning from arrivals

We are now hearing from groups and local authorities on how they are managing arrivals
We are starting to hear from those who are welcoming families from January 2021 onwards. Whilst not exhaustive, we wanted to share what is being

Sponsor obligations

As a community sponsor, you're asked to complete requirements - find out what has changed if you're welcoming during the pandemic
For Community Sponsorship Groups who will be welcoming in early 2021, it's important to understand how your sponsor obligations will have changed.&nbs

Preparing your group to welcome

You should put in place plans for how your group will operate once the family you support arrives
You and members of your group will, naturally, be approaching your resettlement plans with expectations.  You may have made lots of plans for how

Managing arrivals

The logistics of managing an airport arrival won't be as smooth as usual. Think through what you need to do ahead of time
Managing the arrival of the family you will be supporting is usually one of the most exciting parts of your Community Sponsorship journey, it marks th

Building relationships

It's highly likely that the family you welcome will need to self-isolate on arrival. Here are some tips on building a relationship with the family
We’re all still adapting to creating relationships online, and it can be exhausting for all involved to spend long periods on video calls – this


Think about how you will adapt your communications once a family arrives
Community Sponsorship is all about communication, whether between you as a group or you and the family you support.  Ensure a strong structure is

Preparing the property

As a Community Sponsorship Group, you will need to prepare the house where the family will be living prior to their arrival, including shopping and providing groceries
What to provide in the accommodation It’s highly likely that the family you support will have to self isolate for 10 days once they arrive, ma

Healthcare support during Covid

Find advice and current guidance on welcoming a family into the UK in early 2021
Welcoming a family who will be self-isolating on arrival is going to represent challenges, and all Community Sponsorship Groups should be prepared for

Using technology

Make sure you're ready to support the family and your group to use technology once they arrive
The family will likely be self-isolating for two weeks after they arrive in the UK, and this is going to change the plans you might have had. You