Cultural awareness

Introduction to cultural awareness

Advice on how to learn about the culture of the family you support
Understanding the culture of the refugees your Community Sponsorship Group are supporting is very important in the process of building rapport with th

Experts by Experience: Refugee expectations prior to arriving in the UK

Learn from experts by experience about what their resettlement experiences and what they expected of resettled life in the UK
One question that we’re often asked in Reset’s Community Sponsorship training sessions is, “What do refugees think their life in the UK will be like b

In Country Cultural Training

Understand the training that refugees coming to the UK receive prior to departure
All refugees arriving through the Community Sponsorship programme will receive preparation training in their country of asylum prior to arriving in th

Addressing misinformation about life in the UK

Learn about common sources of misinformation and the ways to address it
Moving to a new country without speaking the language, knowing the house you’ll move  to and having only a vague idea of the support you’ll recei