Dealing with challenging situations

Guidance on some of the common challenges that can arise when working with resettled refugees, and how to approach them

We've provided advice based on the common challenges that sponsor groups have faced and examples of how they have overcome them, see the document downloads on this page. You will need to be logged in to view it.

It is important to bear in mind that your group is not expected to be able to solve every problem that the refugees you support may encounter. Your role is to help them understand the problem and contact the relevant people or services for advice.

Don't approach the challenges you face on your own. Reset, and your Lead Sponsor (if you have one) will be very happy to provide support and advice if you need it, and there may be other specialist services in your area, such as Citizens Advice Bureau, that can also provide assistance.

You can find more resources about specific challenges on our website including:


If you are partnering with another charity or organisation who are acting as your Lead Sponsor , it’s essential that you check with them whether they would like you to manage challenges in a specific way. 

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Key things to do
  • Seek support: Reset and your Lead Sponsor (if you have one) will be happy to advise you
  • Empower the refugees by helping them to understand their circumstances and the options available to them
  • Remember that challenges are not a reflection on the support provided by your group
  • Dealing with Challenges