Empowering refugees

Introduction to empowerment and integration

Guidance on how to start thinking about empowering refugees to live independent lives
Integrating into a new country, or community, is a very personal process and it is impossible to put a timescale on how long it will take for someone

Setting goals to work toward integration

Practical approaches to integration and independence
Feeling integrated is a deeply personal process, and there’s not a certain amount of time it will take to achieve this, but there’s ways in which you

Defining Boundaries and Your Support

As part of your Community Sponsorship Group, you'll need to think about what the support you offer refugees looks like.
It may seem a little strange to set boundaries on the way in which you work with refugees, afterall, you got into Community Sponsorship in order to pr

Exit Planning

Use this resource to help your Group plan out how your relationship and support to a refugee family will change over time
It might seem strange to talk about 'exiting' the relationship with the family your Community Sponsorship Group support.  Whilst it's unlikely yo

Home-based activities and learning opportunities for refugees

Ideas to help the resettled family stay occupied and interested while social-distancing due to Covid-19
Many Community Sponsorship Groups who are supporting families during the Covid-19 pandemic are wondering how best to help resettled family members sta

Adopting an empowerment approach to housing provision

Empowering refugees to understand their housing obligations and preparing for what happens after 24 months of housing
This page consists of two resources relating to helping the family you support understand their housing obligations. The first resource, Adopting a

Accessing Digital Services

A resource to help guide your Group in planning your approach to providing digital services and IT Support
As part of your Community Sponsorship Application, the Home Office will ask you how you will empower the family you support to access ‘digital service

Driving in the UK

Understand how you can support a refugee to drive in the UK
Refugees arriving with a driving licence from another country are usually permitted to drive on that licence for 12 months.  In order to continue

Making loans to the family you support

An empowerment approach to loaning money
Many Community Sponsorship Groups have established a process by which they will make an interest-free loan of funds to the family they are supporting.

Adopting an empowerment approach to ILtR applications

Once a family has been in the UK for almost 5 years, they will need to make an Indefinite Leave to Remain application, understand how you can empower them to do so
When a refugee family arrives into the UK, they are given the right to live and work here for 5 years.  Once the family members have been in the