Planning for arrival

Receiving the Personal Data of Refugees

Once approved as a sponsor, you will be given the personal data of refugees you will potentially support. It's essential this information is managed properly
As a Community Sponsor you will receive personal data relating to the refugees that are allocated to your sponsor group. This will enable your group t

Preparing a fact sheet for the family you will support

Once a family has been allocated to you, you'll be asked to prepare a fact sheet about your Group and the area which will be shared with them
Once you’ve been allocated a family, and you and your Local Authority have accepted them, you will need to prepare a fact sheet that will be shared wi

Welcome Pack

A suggested list of what to include in your Welcome Pack for refugees
As part of your application form, you will be asked to prepare a Welcome Pack for the family. Below is a list of suggested documents you could include

Arrival Planning Guidance

Resources to assist you with pre-arrival, arrival and post-arrival planning
The day you've been planning for is getting very close! Use our resources to understand some of the information you will be receiving in advance of an

Preparing Accommodation

Find out what other groups have found helpful when preparing accommodation for refugees
*During Covid-19 measures, Groups are strongly advised to not sign any tenancy agreements or make a financial commitment for housing for Community Spo

Food, furniture and household items.

A list of the items recommended that you provide in refugees' accommodation
Community Sponsorship Groups will need to provide equipment, groceries and items in the property ahead of a refugee family's arrival. Like with anyone

Record Keeping

Suggestions on how to effectively keep records about the support your Group members are providing
When you are supporting a refugee family to build a life in the UK, your Group will need to keep records on some of the work that you carry out to sup

Common Arabic Words and Phrases

Learn some useful words and phrases in Arabic to break the ice with the family you support
When the family you support first arrives in the UK, it’s unlikely that they will speak English well enough to communicate with your Community Sponsor

Developing an empowerment approach to managing utility bills

Suggestions on how to support the refugee family to manage their utility bills indepently
Part of your role as Community Sponsor will be supporting the refugee family to manage and budget for their utility bills independently. Navigating an