Working with your SMP

Find help and advice in your region to support your Community Sponsorship journey

Each of the nine English Regions and Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has a Strategic Migration Partnership (SMP) which is equipped to provide the full range of services required with regard to migration issues in their Region.

SMPs in England, Wales and Scotland* coordinate a number of programmes including refugee resettlement under the Government resettlement schemes and the ESOL arrangements, operation of the National Transfer Scheme for Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children and provide key engagements and support for the dispersal of asylum seekers.

Key to Reset's work is the connection through SMPs to the whole resettlement portfolio. They can provide a valuable resource for Community Sponsorship Groups to link in to. If you are partnering with another charity or organisation who are acting as your Lead Sponsor, it’s essential that you check with them whether they would like you to liaise with the SMP in a specific way. 

More generally, they act as a focal point allowing the sharing of expertise, advice and vital information between the Home Office and local government and a full range of public bodies and NGOs.

Each SMP is structured in a way to best meet the needs of the region or nation it is based within.  

Region Contact Name Email Address  Website  
East Midlands Brein Fisher
East of England Gosia Strona
London Ayham Alsuleman
North East Janine Hartley
North West Kay Huby
Northern Ireland
Scotland Andy Morrison/Gayle Findlay
South East Roy Millard
South West Bronwyn Prosser
Wales  Anne Hubbard
West Midlands Dally Panesar
Yorkshire & Humber Dave Brown


*For Northern Ireland, please contact Reset.

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