Training communities to support refugees


Wherever you are on your journey through Community Sponsorship, Reset is here for you. We have training courses, videos, articles and more, all designed to help your group and the family you support.

If you’re looking for something specific, try the Search box at the top right of this page. Otherwise, you can browse by content category (Working with refugees menu, above) or by how far through the process you are (coloured buttons, below). There’s also a guide to booking our training further down this page.

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We have a wide range of resources that are specifically tailored to guide you through every step of the Community Sponsorship process.

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Your training journey

For further details on training and support for Community Sponsorship groups visit the Book training page.

Introduction to Community Sponsorship

Find out how you can get involved in Community Sponsorship

Planning your application

Learn how the application process works

Required training

Getting ready to welcome

Learn how to support the refugee family

Required training

Reset will contact your group after full approval

Arrival planning

Learn key information on planning for the family’s arrival

Post arrival support visits

Get help to reflect on how things are going

Reset will contact your group after arrival

Further training

Additional learning opportunities and advice are available to Community Sponsorship groups at any stage in the process.



Core skills training

Networking events

Bespoke consultation sessions for groups

We are  aware that not every challenge a group is facing can be resolved through the website or us offering advice over email or on the phone. Some issues, such as significant disagreements within the group  around implementing boundaries, trauma or domestic abuse within the family, require offering more in-depth intervention. We, therefore, now offer groups bespoke consultation sessions which they can access whenever a significant issue arises. Each consultation session is tailored specifically to the needs of the group and the family they support.  

This may include: 

  • Reflective practice sessions 
  • Advisory sessions 
  • Bespoke training and tools 
  • Managing boundaries when challenges arise
  • Planning next steps 

To discuss booking a session please email: [email protected]