Managing Financial Disappointment

A guide for your Group to help refugees manage expectations about their new financial circumstances.

Most refugees will expect to live on a comfortable salary after they are resettled, especially to a relatively wealthy country like the UK. Many Groups are finding that the refugees they support are surprised and disappointed when they find that they will be living on a small amount of money each month through benefits payments.

Some Groups have found that refugees expect that your Group will have influence over the amount of money they receive. Managing expectations will be key in helping the family to understand their new circumstances, especially when they first arrive and you will need to clearly communicate the support that your Group is able to provide from the very beginning.

This resource is aimed to help Groups prepare for the possibility of challenges due to financial disappointment. We provide you with different tools for financial empowerment and tips on managing expectations.

We also supply a budget template, in English/Arabic and English/Kurdish Kurmanji for you to use with the family you support.  Make sure you regularly review and offer budgeting support to a family over the time you support them. 

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Last modified
Friday, May 21, 2021 - 11:24
Key things to do
  • Set clear boundaries around giving and lending money as a Group
  • Manage the expectations of the group and the refugees you are supporting
  • Understand your responsibilities
  • Offer budgeting help
  • Managing Financial Disappointment
  • Budgeting template in English and Arabic
  • Budgeting template in English and Kurdish Kurmanji