Exit Planning

Use this resource to help your Group plan out how your relationship and support to a refugee family will change over time

It might seem strange to talk about 'exiting' the relationship with the family your Community Sponsorship Group support.  Whilst it's unlikely your relationship will end after the end of your year of a sponsor agreement, it is certain that your relationship will change. 

Use our exit strategy resource to work through the steps to independence you can support the family to take to ensure a smooth transition from your formal support.  

Your Lead Sponsor may have an outline they wish you to follow when planning your exit.  Make sure you speak to them about what is expected from your Group. 

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Wednesday, July 21, 2021 - 10:09
Key things to do
  • Start planning your exit early 
  • Always work toward helping the family gain independence 
  • Plan with the family you support 


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