Published: 17 Nov 2021  |  Category: Jobs & careers  |  Stage: We have welcomed a family

Experts by Experience: setting up your own business

Learn about Basel’s journey to starting his business in the UK

Setting up their own business is the ambition of many refugees welcomed to the UK. While route to entrepreneurship isn’t easy or short, it is also far from impossible as demonstrated by Basel.

We met with him on Zoom to talk about his business – ZR Tiling Services, his passion for his work, the support he received to get there, as well as the advice he has for others at the beginning of their journey to entrepreneurship. Watching the video you will learn about the steps Basel took to get where he is now – the importance of putting effort into learning English, volunteering and eventually getting a paid job and finally working with business advisor to make ZR Tiling Services a reality. 

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