Question 3.5g – Assistance with accessing digital services

Find out how to answer question 3.5h of the application form

3.5g. How will you empower the resettled family to access the internet? (100 words)

Your answer could include how you will help refugees get on-line for a wide variety of reasons including claiming benefits, accessing information, accessing online banking (if used), for students in the family to do their homework and most importantly, communicating with others, whether this is family at home, or in host countries as well as others in the UK.

Your Group will need to decide what kind of digital services you will provide to the family or how you will help them to access services for free. Check out our Accessing Digital Services resource to learn more.   

The following questions will help your Group decide what services you will provide the family:

  • Will we provide a broadband internet connection in the home? If yes, for how long will we provide this service from our own budget? When will we renew internet usage/data packages and whether the family feel they need this?
  • How far is the nearest library? Are there computers with free internet access? Is there a time limit for free access?
  • Will we buy or loan the family a computer or tablet? Who is responsible for repairs if necessary? Read our guidance on accessing MOVEit if you decide to provide this.
  • Will we give the family two unlocked SIM cards upon arrival? Will we pay for data and calling packages out of our own budget? If so, how long for?
  • Would we be able to apply for free data and SIM cards through the charities.connected programme from Vodafone?
  • How will we empower the family to financially plan for accessing the services we provide them with once our support ends?