Questions 3.5e to 3.5f – Access to employment

Find out how to answer questions relating to employment and volunteering

3.5e. What action will you take to support the resettled adult family members to access employment and education? (100 words)

There are many different ways to help the adults you support gain access to employment, including interview prep, CV writing and focusing on English vocabulary for the field in which they’d like to work. Remember that successful integration may not depend on getting into paid work as soon as possible. By encouraging the family members to focus on learning English quickly or explore volunteering opportunities to gain UK-based experience they are likely to have more employment choices.

You can find out more about access to employment in our Access to Employment resources, including a list of organisations by region that work to help refugees access employment.

3.5f. How will you help the family members identify volunteering opportunities in the local area? (100 words) 

The family you support may not initially understand the benefits of working for free, however, volunteering offers a great opportunity to gain experience, learn English and get references. You will be guided by the family members’ interests, and you can signpost refugees to different opportunities by checking on volunteering websites such as or enquiring with different community groups in your area. The Home Office isn’t looking for a comprehensive list of all volunteering activities in your neighbourhood, instead they would like to be comfortable in knowing where you will go to access these opportunities.