Sections 1 and 5 – Organisation and Declaration and Additional Documents

Learn more about the sections for your Lead Sponsor to complete

These are sections for the Lead Sponsor to complete; they may not always complete the rest of the form.

Section 1

Questions 1.1 – 1.9: This section details the organisation you will be submitting your application through.  All organisations applying for Community Sponsorship must be either charity registered in the relevant nation of the UK, a Community Interest Company (CIC) or a body falling within section 10(2)(a) of the Charities Act 2011.   

1.10: This is the name your group will be referred to as throughout your Community Sponsorship project.

Section 5: Declaration & Additional Documents

This is the section where your named Lead Sponsor will outline that the application made meets what the Home Office have said must be in place.  When signing the application, your Lead Sponsor organisation might ask the Group for assurances or evidence that things are in place; this is very wise because this declaration will form the sponsor agreement.  They are signing off that your group have adequate safeguarding protocols in place, that they have discussed and decided how volunteers in your group are assessed, that you’ve been in discussion with Reset regarding your compulsory training, that you have a complaints policy (a template complaint policy is available here) and that the funding is in place to support the application. 

When applying for approval in principle, the Lead Sponsor needs to attach a signed and dated copy of the application form and:

If your application is for full approval, this must also include:

  • Written consent from your local authority/local authorities The consent stays valid for 6 months and the consent form can be accessed here: 
  • Your safeguarding policy and evidence you have given your local authority safeguarding board the opportunity to see this.  If the Lead Sponsor Organisation has been approved for Community Sponsorship in the previous 6 months, the Home Office will have a copy on file, and you will not need to submit this. 
  • Section 3.6 of the form must be fully completed, where you will evidence the involvement your local authority has had in the inspection, along with a Police Board Consultation Form – the Home Office can help you to chase the police check.