Arrival planning

Resources to support you in preparing for, and dealing with, arrival day and the first few weeks

Covid-19 and Arrival Planning

Welcoming a family who will be self-isolating on arrival is going to represent challenges, and all Community Sponsorship Groups should be prepared for last minute changes to your plans as guidance changes.
Welcoming a family who will be self-isolating on arrival is going to represent challenges, and all Community Sponsorship Groups should be prepared for

The Group's role in the accommodation of a refugee family

Think through which responsibilities and roles your Group will take on with the family's accommodation
This page aims to help your Community Sponsorship Group think through some key issues relating to housing for when you will welcome a refugee family t

Working with Schools

Learn how your Community Sponsorship Group can prepare the school to support the family
Your role with schools If the family you support have school-aged children, you will need to help them register their children in local schools wit

Receiving the Personal Data of Refugees

Once approved as a sponsor, you will be given the personal data of refugees you will potentially support. It's essential this information is managed properly
As a Community Sponsor you will receive personal data relating to the refugees that are allocated to your sponsor group. This will enable your group t

Reaching out to other organisations

Discover different ways to connect with other organisations in your area
As part of your Community Sponsorship application, you will be doing lots of research into the services and organisations in your area that may be abl

Preparing Families for the British Education System

Learn how to support parents and children integrate into the UK's education system
Although all schools, Community Sponsorship Groups, parents and children are different, there are many similarities in the way in which school impacts

Providing a Tenancy Agreement

Access an Arabic translation of a Shorthold Tenancy Agreement
Tenancy Agreements When you are searching for suitable accommodation for the family you will welcome through Community Sponsorship, you should thin

Preparing a fact sheet for the family you will support

Once a family has been allocated to you, you'll be asked to prepare a fact sheet about your Group and the area which will be shared with them
Once you’ve been allocated a family, and you and your Local Authority have accepted them, you will need to prepare a fact sheet that will be shared wi

Arrival Planning Guidance

Resources to assist you with pre-arrival, arrival and post-arrival planning
The day you've been planning for is getting very close! Use our resources to understand some of the information you will be receiving in advance of an

Working with Landlords

Ideas and discussion points to assist Groups in negotiating with Landlords
Community Sponsorship Groups across the UK have developed hugely creative ways to find affordable, sustainable accommodation for families arriving thr