Setting your budget

Tools and tips for building a budget to support a resettled family

As part of your resettlement plan you will need to design a budget. This is because you need to have an idea of the costs involved in supporting a resettled family when you are deciding what kind of support your group can offer.  Having an idea of the costs will also help you to plan your fundraising activities to deliver the plan you put forward. All groups must have at least £9,000 (£4,500 per adult) prior to a family arriving, but you may find that you would like to fundraise more to support the family, or that you will not use all the money that you have raised.   

There will be lots of discussion in your group about what you would like to provide to a family (Group Leaders may find our resource on discussing your resettlement plan helpful). This resource aims to help you work out how much money you will need and whether that amount is feasible for your group.  We suggest you work out an annual budget. Remember that this is just an estimate at this stage.


Budget Planning Template

Available funding

Find out more about funding that is available for groups incurring property void costs and for statutory services. 

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Key things to do
  • Discuss with your group what sort of support you want to provide to the family
  • Research the different costs that would be involved in providing such support
  • Create a budget reflecting these costs and decide whether this is feasible for your group