Adopting an empowerment approach to housing provision

Empowering refugees to understand their housing obligations and preparing for what happens after 24 months of housing

This page consists of two resources relating to helping the family you support understand their housing obligations.

The first resource, Adopting an Empowerment Approach to Housing Provision, will help your Group support refugees to understand their housing obligations to foster independence and empowerment as renters in the future.  The family you support as a Community Sponsorship Group may have been renting accommodation in their host country or country of origin within a system similar to what we have in the UK. However, some refugee families may have never entered into a formal rental agreement, living in a family home, with friends or in informal settlements or refugee camps. As with every aspect of Community Sponsorship, your Group will be guided by the family, their needs and level of understanding when it comes to explaining housing, and particularly their rights and responsibility as renters.

The second downloadable resource, Preparing for What Happens After 24 Months of Housing, will help your Group plan ahead to support the family to move to new housing in the future. The length of time that the family can stay in their current property is a subject to bring up from the beginning of your support. There are also different strategies to start early on to help the family secure housing in the future.

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Key things to do
  • Support refugees to understand their obligations as renters
  • Explain the tenancy agreement and break clauses
  • Encourage refugees to take responsibility for their rented home
  • Make it clear when the family will need to look for new housing