Defining Boundaries and Your Support

As part of your Community Sponsorship Group, you'll need to think about what the support you offer refugees looks like.

It may seem a little strange to set boundaries on the way in which you work with refugees, afterall, you got into Community Sponsorship in order to provide practical support to those arriving in the UK.  However, spending time defining the way in which your group will operate and what a refugee family can expect from your group will be hugely helpful; for your group as well as the refugees.

Every sponsor group is different, as is your neighbourhood and the support that you will offer refugees so there is no standard way in which you should do this.  This guidance is designed to help you facilitate introducing your boundaries to your volunteers and those you are supporting.  Some groups have found that outlining a Code of Conduct for group members is a helpful way in which you can support a family in a clear and consistent way.  We have supplied some suggestions to consider around the support that you will offer. 

If you are working through a charity as your Lead Sponsor, ensure that you discuss the support you will be offering a refugee family with them.  They may have certain ways in which they would like you to work. 

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Friday, August 20, 2021 - 14:48
Key things to do
  • Define your boundaries as a group, reach agreement
  • Work together to empower refugees
  • Explain your boundaries 
  • Discuss whether your group would benefit from a code of conduct
  • Regularly review and remind everyone of the purpose and format of your support