Arrival Planning Guidance

Resources to assist you with pre-arrival, arrival and post-arrival planning

The day you've been planning for is getting very close! Use our resources to understand some of the information you will be receiving in advance of an arrival, your role in accepting a refugee family to support, defining the key people and organisations you'll be working with and think through the first few days following an arrival. 

We also provide practical resources for you to use at pre-arrival (once you have received a date for the family to arrive), on arrival day, and in the time following this including a timeline of activities to carry out.

December 2020: The documentation that family members will enter the UK on will change from 01 January 2021 when the UK leaves the EU.  Read our Arrival Day guidance for these changes.  All Groups with scheduled arrivals in January 2021 onwards have been informed of these changes.  

Planning resources: 

We've made a checklist for the first weeks and an example calendar of the appointments and activities you'll likely need to carry out with the refugee family in the first days and weeks after arrival. You can use this resource to make your own calendar to help your Group plan the busy first weeks and give a copy to the refugee family in their welcome pack so everyone is on the same page:


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Key things to do
  • Understand the information you will receive in advance of an arrival
  • Plan the steps you will take to support a family following arrival 
  • Start to support refugees arriving in the UK
  • Pre-Arrival Guidance
  • Arrival Day
  • Post-Arrival Guidance
  • Arrival Planning Chart
  • Arrival Planning Checklist