Published: 17 Nov 2021  |  Category: Group management  |  Stage: We are writing our application

Managing Risk

A resource to help you assess and mitigate common risks you may face while supporting a refugee family

We don’t want to pretend that Community Sponsorship comes without challenges.  Everything you do is about working with people, and this isn’t always an easy task! Reset are on hand to help you navigate challenges as they happen, however, groups may find it useful whilst they are planning their applications to consider how they will respond to these.  

As you write your application, your Group will think about risks in the abstract but once you’re approved by the Home Office and allocated a family, you’ll be able to consider different risks associated with the family’s composition, their specific needs and vulnerabilities.

The risk assessment available on this page as a word document is by no means comprehensive and is not a requirement for your group to carry out in order to be approved by the Home Office. Each Group will have different risks, depending on their location and the family they support.  It’s worth speaking to your Lead Sponsor about what risk mitigation they will ask you to put in place and the support that they can offer you.  

You’ll never be able to predict all risks and you may be faced with something you don’t feel equipped to address but remember that you’re never alone in Community Sponsorship. Talk challenges through with other Group members and remember that no matter what issues or challenges your group faces, you can contact Reset for advice or get in touch with your Home Office Contact Officer once the family arrives.


Blank Risk Assessment for groups (opens in word) [38.1KB] Download .DOCX