Question 3.5d – Access to neighbourhood and community activities

Find out what you need to know to answer questions 3.5d of the application form

3.5d. How will you support the resettled family to access community groups and activities? (100 words) 

Here you can consider the approach you will take to introducing the refugee family to their area. It’s great to show them around the place, but getting to know new shops, public transport routes and other areas of interest can be a great opportunity for some active learning. Will you always lead the way? Or will you encourage the family to buy their own bus tickets and choose their own routes with your help? Remember that each activity can also be a chance to build the family’s confidence and sense of independence, so make sure you take advantage of that!

You can give an outline of what services are available in the area, such as sports clubs or age-appropriate groups.  The Home Office won’t be looking for a comprehensive list, but more an understanding that you know where to access community services.  Remember that the family will have their own interests and hobbies. Listen to them and let them guide you!