General information about resettlement - UNHCR/Home Office resources

Education in Scotland

Find more information to support young refugees going to school in Scotland
Education All of the children in the family you welcome are entitled to access education when they arrive in Scotland. They are automatically

Understanding the UK Resettlement Scheme (UKRS)

A new resettlement scheme will shortly begin. Use our resources to understand the families you will be supporting
In February 2021, the Home Office confirmed that a new resettlement programme will begin as soon as the current scheme ends.  This new programme

Considering the Impact of Trauma

Find two detailed resources on the impact of trauma in the Community Sponsorship context
Reset has asked Shellee Burroughs, Clinical Operations Manager at Action for Child Trauma (ACT) International to put together these resources in order

Exit Planning

Use this resource to help your Group plan out how your relationship and support to a refugee family will change over time
It might seem strange to talk about 'exiting' the relationship with the family your Community Sponsorship Group support.  Whilst it's unlikely yo

Sponsor Obligations and Requirements

Learn about your obligations and requirements as a sponsor
For Community Sponsorship Groups who will be welcoming in early 2021, it's important to understand how your sponsor obligations will have changed.&nbs
In Community Sponsorship, you will have requirements and obligations between the organisation acting as Lead Sponsor and the Home Office, which w

Communicating with a family following arrival

Think about how you will communicate with a family after arrival
Community Sponsorship is all about communication, whether between you as a group or you and the family you support.  Ensure a strong structure is

Record Keeping

Suggestions on how to effectively keep records about the support your Group members are providing
When you are supporting a refugee family to build a life in the UK, your Group will need to keep records on some of the work that you carry out to sup

Calculating Benefits for UKRS Families

Now that a new resettlement programme is beginning, think through the likely benefits available to the families you will support
As the UKRS scheme starts there is an increased need for properties suitable for individuals and for larger multigenerational families. This may prese