Preparing a complaints handling policy and procedure

In order to gain approval as a Community Sponsorship Group, you will need to create a policy to handle complaints from the refugees you support

As part of your application to become a Community Sponsorship Group, you will need to have a clear complaints policy that outlines how you will handle a complaint that may be made by the refugees you are supporting, it should outline how the complaint will be handled and the timeline for action.  All of your group members will need to know what to do should they receive a complaint, and the refugees should be made aware of this policy, so you will need to translate this into the language spoken by the refugees you are supporting.

In order to assist groups with preparing their complaints policy, the Home Office have made a template complaints policy and procedure available for groups. It’s important that you read through this carefully and ensure that it works for your group. It may be helpful to walk through the making of a complaint as a group to see how the procedure would work. 

As this is a complaints procedure that the family you support will use, in order to make this as accessible as possible, Reset has made this available to you in Arabic, indicating where you should place the name of your Group, or names of your Lead Sponsor. This version has been made directly from the Home Office template, but has been translated via Reset Communities and Refugees.  

You can download the template complaints handling process in word on our website or in the guidance for sponsorship groups found on the website.

If you are working with a Lead Sponsor, it is essential that you discuss your complaints policy and procedures with them in advance of submitting your application.  

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Friday, August 14, 2020 - 10:19
Key things to do
  • Talk through how you will handle complaints
  • Download the complaints handling guidance template and see if it will work for your group
  • Submit your complaints policy and procedure with your application 
  • Download an Arabic version of the complaints policy which you can give to the family you support