Post Arrival Support Visits

Find out what will happen at your Post Arrival Support Visit with Reset

As part of your Sponsor Agreement with the Home Office, you will have consented to participate in follow up visits. These will look to see how things are progressing with the family you support and your Group.  From May 2020, Reset will begin leading these visits, and we want to ensure we make these as helpful as possible for both you and the family you support. 

We see this as an opportunity to help you reflect on the support you offer a family, and how this builds into their independence and integration into UK life.  The visit isn't a test or designed to put you on the spot; we want this to be a useful experience for you all. 

Who needs to attend the visits? 

There will be a representative from Reset, a member of the Home Office team and your Local Authority will be invited.  From your side, your Lead Sponsor will be invited and you can decide which members of your Group will attend too. We recommend limiting the number of attendees to those with lead roles in your Group, in order that you can discuss any concerns you have freely.  

A representative of Reset and the Home Office will also meet with the family you support.  We will supply the interpreter for this visit. 

When will the visits happen? 

We'll organise the visits so that they take place 6-8 weeks after the family you support arrive, after 6 months and at around 10 months.  Each visit will take around 60 minutes with your Group, and around 45 minutes with the family you support.

Who provides the interpreter for the family we support?

Reset will organise interpreting services for the time we spend with the family.  This will be an ‘in-person’ interpreter whenever possible.

Where will the visits happen?

We intend for all visits to take place in your community setting and Reset will organise the venue for these visits. During the Coronavirus pandemic, we will be hosting the visits via a telephone/video facility. Do not feel that you must have your video on unless you are comfortable to do so.

Will anything be shared with us after the visit?

Absolutely.  We’ll share notes as well as any specific advice or resources that might be useful with those who attended the visit.

What will happen during the visit?

Your Group

We’ll ask you how things are going, looking at different areas of the support you offer the family, and help to resolve any issues that are coming up, as well as ensuring your sponsor obligations are being met. You can see the guide we will use here.

We’ll also help you to reflect on the steps that you are taking to help the family build their independence.  

By repeating this exercise regularly, you’ll be able to chart the progress made across the time of your Sponsor Agreement and be ready to exit your sponsor agreement in a way that suits both you and the family you support. 

The family you support

We’ll speak to the family you support, asking them about how they feel they’re progressing, and whether there is anything in which they would like more, or less support.  We won’t make promises about what your Group will or won’t do, but with the permission of the family, we will share the discussion we have with you.  

We’ll assist the family members in reflecting on their progress to date.  All materials in advance of the visit will be made available in the language the family members speak, and an audio file can be made available for those who do not read or write in their own language. 

It may be that you wish to make us aware of issues or concerns prior to us speaking to the family members, please do speak to Reset in confidence about this in advance of the visit. 

There is a document and sound file translated into Arabic and Kurdish Sorani and Kurdish Kurmanji available on this page that you can download and send to the family to explain the purpose of the visit and who we are.  

Who can I talk to about our Post Arrival Support visit? 

Please contact the Reset Team with any queries you may have. 

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Key things to do
  • Read through the resources we'll use 
  • Talk to your Group about the progress you are making 
  • Ask any questions you may have