Dealing with Challenges

Dealing with challenges: Employment and Volunteering during Covid Restrictions

Find tips to consider when supporting a newly arrived family to gain work experience and employment opportunities
When you made plans to welcome a refugee family to the UK, you’ll have thought through how you could assist adults to access volunteer and employment

Covid-19 Guidance

What to check/do as a Community Sponsorship Group relating to the Covid-19 pandemic
The situation with the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world is constantly changing, and we urge you to keep up to date with developments

Dealing with challenging situations

Guidance on some of the common challenges that can arise when working with resettled refugees, and how to approach them
We've provided advice based on the common challenges that sponsor groups have faced and examples of how they have overcome them, see the doc

Preparing for Uncomfortable Conversations

A guide to prepare your Group for important but awkward conversations
When the resettled family you support arrives there are some key conversations you’ll need to have, and some topics will arise that may feel a bit awk

Considering the Impact of Trauma

Find two detailed resources on the impact of trauma in the Community Sponsorship context
Reset has asked Shellee Burroughs, Clinical Operations Manager at Action for Child Trauma (ACT) International to put together these resources in order

Managing Financial Disappointment

A guide for your Group to help refugees manage expectations about their new financial circumstances.
Most refugees will expect to live on a comfortable salary after they are resettled, especially to a relatively wealthy country like the UK. Many Group

Addressing housing complaints

A guide to help your Group manage refugees' expectations and communicate your role regarding accommodation
As a Community Sponsorship Group, you will have gone to great lengths to source suitable housing for a refugee family. You will have invited your Loca

Immigration Information

The refugees you support are likely to require immigration advice. We provide a general introduction to this in order for you to help refugees access local services.
The most important thing we can tell you is this: if you or the refugee family you are supporting is in need of immigration advice, you should consult

Divorce and Separation

As with any relationships, refugees you are supporting may experience a separation or divorce. Here we provide you with approaches to this challenge.
Like with any relationship, problems can arise for everyone, no matter where or how you have been living, and this is as true for those who have been

Managing Risk

A resource to help you assess and mitigate common risks you may face while supporting a refugee family
Many Community Sponsorship Groups find it useful to think through how they will address common issues/risks that arise in Community Sponsorship.