Accessing Digital Services

A resource to help guide your Group in planning your approach to providing digital services and IT Support

As part of your Community Sponsorship Application, the Home Office will ask you how you will empower the family you support to access ‘digital services’. This resource gives an overview of what your Group will need to think about and discuss in order to decide which services will most empower the refugees you will welcome in your community. 

You will also need to decide what IT support you will and will not provide for the family. Download our Providing IT Support to the Family resource for key things to remember when empowering families to gain the skills and confidence to navigate technology on their own. 

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Friday, June 26, 2020 - 13:58
Key things to do
  • Discuss as a Group which digital services you will provide and budget for.
  • Research where free digital services are available in your community.
  • Decide if your Group will provide devices such as computers or tablets.
  • Accessing Digital Services
  • Providing IT Support