Supporting refugees to access healthcare

A guide to help refugees access different healthcare services in the UK

Empowering newly arrived refugees to access healthcare in the UK is an essential part of the initial support you provide as a Community Sponsorship Group. As part of your application, you detailed the support you will provide refugees to register with a GP within one week of arrival, but they may be in need of dental and optical care as well. 

This resource provides guidance on supporting refugees to access the healthcare they need and guide you to further useful links and resources. It includes information and advice regarding the following services:

GP Surgery

  • Interpreters
  • Appointments
  • Birth control
  • Prescriptions
  • Changing GP


  • Accident & Emergency
  • Using the 999 service
  • Hospital appointments


  • Interpreters
  • Appointments


  • Appointments
  • Cost of optical services and eyewear
  • Access to free services for those receiving benefits
  • NHS optical vouchers scheme



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Thursday, September 9, 2021 - 15:37
Key things to do
  • Explain the role of the GP to the refugees you support.
  • Find out the key points to explain to family members about the NHS.
  • Empower the refugees you support to navigate the UK's health system on their own.