Food, furniture and household items

Recommendations for how to prepare a property for a refugee family

Community Sponsorship Groups will need to provide equipment, groceries and items in the property ahead of a refugee family's arrival. Like with anyone, there will be personal and cultural preferences around food and household items, and you will want to strike a balance between giving refugees choices about what’s in their home, and providing the things they need.

Some Groups have told us that they have ensured that enough is provided in the property to start the family off, but they have made budget available to enable the refugee families to make choices about what they would like in the property.  In the attached document available on this page for registered users, we have provided a list of the commonly supplied ‘basics’ for furnishing and equipping a house for refugees.  All groceries suggested below are non-perishable items; as part of your first few days of supporting the family, you should plan in a trip, or explain how to purchase fresh products.

You may also find it useful to check out our web page on preparing the accommodation which includes preparing for welcoming a family who will self-isolate on arrival. To access this document, please register for an account. It will then be available in the 'Downloads' section on this page.

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Key things to do
  • Be ready to prepare a property for those who will self-isolate on arrival 
  • Arrange for food to be delivered on the day of arrival, or the day before
  • Allow flexibility for the family to make the home their own
  • Food, Furniture and Household Items