Hate Crime Briefing

A briefing to explain what hate crime is, how it can be identified, and how to respond

Sadly, hate crime against refugees is a very real problem. Although it is not by any means a common occurrence, it is something that is encountered all too frequently.

However, it is something that the UK authorities now take very seriously. There are various ways in which incidents can be reported, and clear procedures on how they should be handled by the authorities.

The briefing below is designed to form the basis of a conversation with refugees to explain what hate crime is, and how they can report it. Naturally, you may want to introduce this topic sensitively so you do not alarm them and adopt language that you feel is appropriate for the situation.

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Last modified
Tuesday, October 22, 2019 - 15:08
Key things to do
  • Understand what hate crime is and how to report it
  • Explain this to refugees in a reassuring manner soon after their arrival
  • Return to the subject once they have had more time to settle in