Published: 17 Nov 2021  |  Category: Healthcare  |  Stage: We have welcomed a family

Healthcare in Scotland

Understand how to support refugees to access healthcare in Scotland

In Scotland the legislation and entitlements around Healthcare are different from the rest of the UK. More information on rights and entitlements to health for refugees can be found here from NHS Inform.

Accessing NHS services with an interpreter is a fundamental right and more information can be found here.

Access to the GP, dentists and opticians should be straightforward  with the help of an interpreter if the families and individuals you support require one. This includes for registering with a GP. You can find out more here about Rights and Responsibilities when accessing NHS Scotland services, including interpretation services.

To find local services go to NHS Inform or call NHS inform Helpline on 0800 22 44 88.

Everyone in Scotland registering with a GP will receive a CHI Number (Community Health Index). It is the reference number used to identify patients and allows records to be tracked. There may be some issues with receiving test results in the initial stages till your family members have received CHI Numbers (Community Health Index), but this should not stop primary health care.

All those arriving in Scotland are entitled to access healthcare without barriers, and the cost of this is not associated with someone’s immigration status. However, through Community Sponsorship some additional resources can be accessed by health providers.  This will need to be reclaimed by health providers, and is not the responsibility of your Group.