Avenues to Employment and Education

Employment support in Scotland

Access links and guidance for refugees in Scotland
Refugee Specialist Support Scottish Refugee Council can offer refugees support and advice on employability. They also work with employers such as G

Accessing employment and volunteering opportunities

Find tips to consider when supporting a newly arrived family to gain work experience and employment opportunities
When you made plans to welcome a refugee family to the UK, you’ll have thought through how you could assist adults to access volunteer and employment

Interview preparation

Learn how to support refugees to prepare for UK's interview process
In many countries the process of applying for and getting a job is very different to the UK.  This is particularly true for the interview stage o

CV writing and applying for jobs

Learn how to to support refugees to create their CV and apply for jobs
The person you support will need help to understand the job-hunting process in the UK. This may be the case despite their previous work experienc

Designing a pathway into employment

Learn how to support refugees to design a path towards employment in the UK
Employment provides a fantastic route to integration, helps people to improve their language skills and social networks, and of course provides greate

Sources of funding for training and education

Find out how to access funding for training and education for refugees
For some refugees going back to the profession they held before they arrived in the UK are likely to require some additional training or getting a qua

Experts by Experience: accessing volunteering opportunities

Learn from Abdullah, an Expert by Experience, about how he benefited from volunteering soon after arriving in the UK
For the refugees you support, volunteering can present an opportunity for them to build new relationships  outside of your Community Sponsorship

Supporting Refugees to Access Higher Education

We've partnered with Refugee Support Network to help you support refugees to access higher education.
Many refugees arriving to the UK may have had plans to study at University before their lives were upended and they were resettled.  They may als

Self Employment and Entrepreneurship

We have worked with TERN to help you support refugees who want to start their own business
Many refugees arriving to the UK have previous experience of some form of entrepreneurship in their life before they came to the UK. The person y

Experts by Experience: Setting up your own business

Learn about Basel’s journey to starting his business in the UK
Setting up their own business is the ambition of many refugees welcomed to the UK. While routes to entrepreneurship isn’t easy or short, it is also fa