Welcome Pack

A suggested list of what to include in your Welcome Pack for refugees

As part of your application form, you will be asked to prepare a Welcome Pack for the family. Below is a list of suggested documents you could include. You may wish to add, remove or amend the title of any of these documents – it’s really about what you as a group would like to share with the family.

You may wish to translate some of the documents to the language spoken by the family to enable refugees to read them in their own time (although bear in mind some refugees might be illiterate in their own language as well),or include some information in their language to explain what the pack is for.

However, do note that accurate translation of complex language can be difficult. For this reason, it may be unwise to provide translated versions of documents with legal or safeguarding implications (immigration factsheets, NSPCC briefings, hate crime briefings) but instead you could read through the document with an interpreter, and use this to have a conversation with the refugee/s to ensure they have a clear understanding of the contents:

If you are working with a Lead Sponsor, do ensure that you discuss important contact information that the family must have access to. 

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Key things to do
  • Use the pack as the basis of conversation and allow the family time to digest it
  • Ensure the latest Covid compliance/restriction materials are available
  • Include practical information such as bus/train route maps and timetables, contact telephone numbers, and key addresses
  • Print out Reset's UK price guide that demonstrates the cost of common items and their conversion into various host country currencies. Choose from the Arabic or Kurdish Kurmanji versions