Understanding Children's Healthcare Needs

A resource to guide Groups to help parents understand their child's healthcare in the UK

As part of your sponsor requirements, you will be helping a refugee family to register all family members with the GP, this includes all children in the family.  It’s really important to remember that your role in the Group does not replace the role that a parent or guardian play in their children’s healthcare.  You may know more about the way in which the healthcare system works, but decisions and preferences sit with a child’s parents.  You can assist parents in helping them to reach informed decisions about their child’s health and any treatment.

This resource includes information and advice about vaccinations, children's dental and opticians visits, and care for babies. 

Please note that this resource does not aim to provide healthcare or medical advice, rather to share some key things to be aware of.

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Friday, June 26, 2020 - 14:44
Key things to do
  • Do not take the role of the parent in making decisions about a child's health
  • Help parents understand what decisions they need to make
  • Understand which vaccinations refugee parents need more information about
  • Children and Healthcare