Learning Opportunities from Reset

The table below shows a full schedule of Reset’s upcoming required training sessions and training-related events for Community Sponsorship Groups at any stage in the process. We update this page frequently so check back for more learning opportunities! Find out more about our different types of training below.

       Training Date       Time Training Category*             Topic       How to Register
Tues 02/11/2021 5:30-6:30pm Required Training Part 1 Training: Planning your application Register here
Tues 07/12/2021 5:30-6:30pm Required Training Part 1 Training: Planning your application Register Here
Mon 01/11/2021 6pm-7pm Core Skills Arrival Planning  Register Here
Mon 06/12/2021 6pm-7pm Core Skills Arrival Planning  Register Here
Thurs 21/10/2021 2pm-4pm Core Skills  IOM Training Part 1: Syria (Family Life) Contact Amina to register 
Thurs 28/10/2021 2pm-4pm Core Skills  IOM Training Part 2: Syria (Family Life) Contact Amina to register 
Thurs 04/11/2021 10am-1pm  Core Skills  Benefits for non-benefit advisors Part 1 Contact Amina to register 
Thurs 11/11/2021 10am-1pm Core Skills  Benefits for non-benefit advisors Part 2 Contact Amina to register 
Thurs 02/12/2021 10am - 12:30pm Core Skills Building great volunteer teams Contact Tomasz to register 
Thurs 09/12/2021 10am - 12:30pm

Reset's Training Categories* 

Required Training: 

In order to be approved as a Community Sponsorship Group by the Home Office, you are required to attend training provided by Reset that will prepare you for working with resettled refugees. 

We have split our required training into two parts in order to provide Community Sponsorship Groups with the support they need when they need it. This is based on the feedback Groups have been given us over the past two years- we know there’s a lot of information to take in at our sessions! 

Part 1: Planning Your Application training This session is for core Group members (these are the people who lead the teams or areas of work on your application) and should be attended in the early stages of your planning, before you have applied to the Home Office. Part 1 sessions are scheduled once a month as a one-hour session on Zoom but if you find that these dates do not work for your schedule or if you need to access training on a weekend, get in touch and we'll accommodate you! These sessions focus on the refugee resettlement process, planning your support to a refugee family, engaging local stakeholders and navigating the application process. 

Part 2: Getting Ready to Welcome training In this 2.5 hour online session we’ll discuss empowerment, setting boundaries in your support and cultural differences. We reach out to each group individually to book this, once your group has full approval and is allocated a family.  

New volunteer training: This is an equivalent of Part 2 Training. This session is only for volunteers who are part of groups that have already welcomed a family, and only those volunteers who did not attend the original Part 2 training session.

Drop-in Sessions: 

Drop-in sessions are a chance for Groups to share ideas and compare their experiences on a particular area of support and to meet other Groups around the UK. In drop-in sessions, we usually hear from one or two Community Sponsorship Groups who present on a particular subject and then facilitate discussions and answer questions. Groups don’t need to reinvent the wheel when supporting refugees so let's work together and learn from each other! Sponsor Refugees also holds their Lunch and Learn sessions twice a month on Friday afternoons covering a range of topics. Find their schedule here.

  • To join a  drop-in session, you will need to download  Zoom and register ahead of the session to receive the joining link. You can register for each of Reset's sessions using the links in the schedule above. 
  • It's useful if you can familiarise yourself with using Zoom before you join the call. You can find information on how to use Zoom on their website.

Core Skills Training: 

These online training sessions are run by experts in different core areas of Community Sponsorship support. They are usually run by an expert outside of Community Sponsorship and do not follow a specific schedule. Past core skills sessions have included training on benefits, volunteer management and immigration advice. Check the above schedule to see what other core skills trainings are coming up soon! 

There are currently no training dates to display. Please check back again soon.

Training: Application workshops

Reset also offers application workshops to help Community Sponsorship Groups build momentum and speed through the application process. Although the process of submitting an application to the Home Office is rightly rigorous, we believe that by helping you to submit a high-quality application in a shorter timeframe, your Group can focus on preparing to welcome a refugee family in your community. We recognise that each Group is different and encounters unique barriers throughout their Community Sponsorship journey, so we will work with you to tailor each workshop to your specific needs. A member of Reset staff will conduct your workshop over the phone or on Zoom to help you obtain local authority consent, write your application or help you think of ideas for fundraising and recruitment drives. To find out more about the workshops please email us at