Understanding your safeguarding commitments

Learning About the Prevent Programme

Access free training and information about Prevent
Your safeguarding policy includes sections on radicalisation and organised crime. To learn more, you can access free e-learning training on Prevent fr

Safeguarding Briefing

A guide to your safeguarding responsibilities as a group, and advice on how to implement your safeguarding plan.
Key issues Safeguarding is about protecting others as well as yourself from harm.  As part of your application, the Home Office will expect

A guide to safeguarding

Guidance for group members and volunteers on how to approach safeguarding issues.
When it comes to safeguarding, the most important thing to remember is that you do not need to manage or resolve serious safeguarding issues yourself.

Hate Crime Briefing

A briefing to explain what hate crime is, how it can be identified, and how to respond
Sadly, hate crime against refugees is a very real problem. Although it is not by any means a common occurrence, it is something that is encountered al