Networking Events

Reset now offers UK-wide networking events for Community Sponsorship groups at all stages of their journey. Join fellow Community Sponsorship group members to network, discuss, and reflect on the Community Sponsorship journey. In each networking event, you will hear the stories of one or two Community Sponsorship groups and then have space for discussion and questions. 

There are no events scheduled at this time.

Cuppa and Collaboration

We are piloting our new and exciting drop-in event for Community Sponsorship group members, Cuppa and Collaboration. Our Cuppa and Collaboration sessions will be for group members at all stages of their Community Sponsorship journey and will focus on a specific topic related to supporting the families you welcome. These topics may include: working with schools, supporting family members into employment, working effectively with interpreters, developing your trauma-informed approach to support, and many more! Reset will be inviting representatives from external organisations, such as the International Rescue Committee and the Refugee Employability Programme, to give you expert advice on the topic and explain the support they can provide. There will always be space for discussion and Q&A.  

There are no events scheduled at this time.

Citizens UK Lunch and Learn

We support Sponsor Refugees (Citizens UK) in organising their drop-in Lunch and Learn sessions. These are a chance for groups to share ideas and compare their experiences on a particular area of support and to meet other groups around the UK. If you are interested in attending these, you can find more information here.