Writing your application

This resource will help you work through the Community Sponsorship Application to the Home Office updated in November 2020, question by question. Click through the links below to learn what is required for each question and where to find more resources to help your Group form your answers. You'll need to register for an account on our training website in order to access many of the resources. 

While you’re writing your application, if you have questions or need a starting point, contact Reset to book our application workshops. If you’re stuck on a question, give us a call on our advice line and when you’ve finished, don’t forget about our application checking service! Reset is here to help at every stage of your Community Sponsorship journey.

Approaching your application

Helping you think about how to begin the application writing process
To be approved for Community Sponsorship, you must first submit an application to the Home Office. There are many ways to approach this task and your

Application Checklist

Tick off your tasks with Reset's application checklist
Reset’s Application Checklist is designed to help your Group visualise the road ahead in the Community Sponsorship journey. We hope that it can assist

Sections 1, 2, 4 and additional documents

Learn more about the sections for your Lead Sponsor to complete
These are sections for the Lead Sponsor to complete; they may not always complete the rest of the form.  Section 1 is the details for the

Questions 3.1a to 3.1f – Arrival in the UK

Find out how to answer questions about your plans regarding the family's arrival
In questions 3.1a to 3.1f, think about how you plan to initially welcome a family. This section covers the period from the moment they step off the pl

Questions 3.2a to 3.2e - Initial Expenses

Find out how to answer questions about setting up the family's finances
The family you support will likely arrive in the UK with minimal knowledge of the UK’s currency, benefits or banking systems. They will also have to w

Questions 3.3a to 3.3d – Social Welfare Income

Find out how to answer questions 3.3a-d of the application
If you have never applied for benefits or helped someone apply for benefits, the UK’s social welfare system can seem daunting. Not to worry though, we

Questions 3.4a to 3.4c – Integration Support and Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs)

Find out how to answer questions 3.4a-c of the application
3.4a Please confirm that your group will provide integration support to the family for a minimum of 12 months following their arrival One of the ke

Questions 3.4d and 3.4e – School Registration

Find out how to answer questions about school registration on the application form
Questions 3.4d and 3.4e will require you to demonstrate your preparedness to welcome a family with school-aged children. At the time of writing y

Questions 3.4f to 3.4j – English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Find out what you need to consider to answer questions 3.4f-j of the application form
The purpose of questions 3.4f-j of the application is for you to demonstrate that you have a sufficient understanding of ESOL options availa

Questions 3.4k to 3.4m – GP registration

Find out how to answer questions 3.4k-m of the application form
As you prepare your application for the Home Office, you will not have an understanding of the family’s specific medical needs but you don’t need to b
Although it is not required to address access to dental care on the application, your Group may find it helpful to research different dental providers