Sections 1, 2, 4 and additional documents

Learn more about the sections for your Lead Sponsor to complete

These are sections for the Lead Sponsor to complete; they may not always complete the rest of the form. 

Section 1 is the details for the Charity or CIC named as the Lead Sponsor. In question 1.10 make sure you include the name of your Community Sponsorship Group if it’s different to the Lead Sponsor.

Section 2 is about your personnel. The Lead Sponsor should be the named individual who will take responsibility for the Community Sponsorship programme for the Charity. Security checks will be carried out for this person. The Lead Sponsor should be senior enough within the organisations to take responsibility and make decisions.  As the Lead Sponsor may be more removed from the every day activity of the Group, when they submit the form they may wish to name a Group member to receive correspondence from the Home Office too in order to ensure everything gets done.

You'll also need to give details about your support personnel - your core Group members. Make sure you mention each person’s role within the Group and their relevant experience of working with vulnerable people or with families. Don’t worry if not all the members of the Group have such experience, that is absolutely fine!

Section 4 is the declaration of the Lead Sponsor that the application is ready to be submitted.  The form must be signed (an electronic signature inserted to the form is acceptable) and submitted by the person named as Lead Sponsor. 

Don't forget to submit the required additional documents:

  • Your Local Authority consent –  a completed consent form must be copied onto Local Authority Letterhead, or inserted to the body of an email which contains the e-signature of the person providing consent. In dual tier areas your Group needs consent forms from both of your Local Authorities. 
  • Your safeguarding policy – that you have given your Local Authority the opportunity to view. Remember to include evidence that the Local Authority's safeguarding team has had a chance to view this document, even if they do not provide you with feedback. There is a template policy you could adopt that the Home Office have prepared for you.
  • Your complaints policy There is a template policy you could adopt that the Home Office have prepared for you

If submitting for full approval:

  • You will need to include a letter from your Lead Sponsor outlining that £9,000 is available for the Community Sponsorship programme.
    • If they have an annual income of £100,000 or more, a letter from the finance team confirming this has been ringfenced is required.
    • If the organisation has an annual income of less than £100,000, you should submit a letter from the Lead Sponsor to confirm the funding is in place, along with a bank statement.  
  • Consent from your policing team that the property you have found is suitable for a refugee family to live in. 


If you are working with a Lead Sponsor, check that they are prepared to fill in this part of the application themselves. 

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Key things to do
  • Remind your Lead Sponsor about which sections they must complete!
  • Compile your additional documents.
  • Don't forget to have your Lead Sponsor sign the application!