Birth Registration Guidance

Advice on registering a child’s birth with the Home Office
If the family you support has welcomed a new baby since resettling in the UK, as a Community Sponsorship Group, you’ll need to help the family registe

Experts by Experience: Adjusting to the British Education System

Learn from Khadeja, an Expert by Experience, about her advice to help parents understand the British education system
As part of our Experts by Experience project, we interviewed Khadeja, who was resettled to North Devon in 2017 with her husband and three young childr

The Group's role in the accommodation of a refugee family

Think through which responsibilities and roles your Group will take on with the family's accommodation
This page aims to help your Community Sponsorship Group think through some key issues relating to housing for when you will welcome a refugee family t

Introduction to cultural awareness

Advice on how to learn about the culture of the family you support
Understanding the culture of the refugees your Community Sponsorship Group are supporting is very important in the process of building rapport with th

Supporting refugees to access healthcare

A guide to help refugees access different healthcare services in the UK
Empowering newly arrived refugees to access healthcare in the UK is an essential part of the initial support you provide as a Community Sponsorsh

Covid-19 and ESOL

Resources to help refugees continue learning English during the Covid-19 pandemic
Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, many ESOL classes have transferred to online platforms or been put on hold. Even as some ESOL classe

Working with Schools

Learn how your Community Sponsorship Group can prepare the school to support the family
Your role with schools If the family you support have school-aged children, you will need to help them register their children in local schools wit

Supporting refugees affected by the benefit cap

What is the benefit cap and how to manage it
*During the Covid-19 outbreak, benefits appointments and processes will change.  Keep up to date with developments with your local Job Centre*

Preparing Families for the British Education System

Learn how to support parents and children integrate into the UK's education system
Although all schools, Community Sponsorship Groups, parents and children are different, there are many similarities in the way in which school impacts

CV writing and applying for jobs

Learn how to to support refugees to create their CV and apply for jobs
The person you support will need help to understand the job-hunting process in the UK. This may be the case despite their previous work experienc