Designing a pathway into employment

Learn how to support refugees to design a path towards employment in the UK

Employment provides a fantastic route to integration, helps people to improve their language skills and social networks, and of course provides greater wellbeing and financial independence for individuals. However, refugees can face barriers to obtaining employment which you may need to help them overcome.

We created the 'Pathways to employment' resource to offer some practical steps your Group can take to support the refugee family you welcomed to progress to employment. This resource signposts to all of our other employment resources, depending on the next steps you and the person you support decide to take. 

If you are a Community Sponsorship Group based in Scotland, please see also our Employment in Scotland guidance. 

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Thursday, March 11, 2021 - 17:33
Key things to do
  • Manage expectations of both refugees and group members 
  • Develop a plan. Indentify an ultimate goal and break it down into smaller steps you can start working on straight away
  • Provide tailored support - from job related ESOL classes to help in identifying volunteering and work experience opportunities
  • Designing a pathway into employment
  • Employment resources