Addressing housing complaints

A guide to help your Group manage refugees' expectations and communicate your role regarding accommodation

As a Community Sponsorship Group, you will have gone to great lengths to source suitable housing for a refugee family. You will have invited your Local Authority to view the accommodation for suitability, you may be paying a housing top up and you may even have renovated or bought the property. The refugees you support will not know the effort you have put in to sourcing their housing and may have some complaints. Housing in the UK may be smaller than they expected or they may have heard rumours of another family receiving a house with a bigger garden or larger bedrooms. This resource seeks to outline some of the queries that might be raised by the family you are supporting, and how other Groups have responded to similar issues.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2019 - 11:53
Key things to do
  • Manage refugees' expectations around housing options
  • Find solutions to issues you can fix
  • Communicate that the accommodation was found suitable by the Local Authority and Home Office
  • Addressing Housing Complaints